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TV shows schedule October 2018

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Spread the word, I’m not an automne fan…

  1. It’s the start of school year and it seems to put a pressure of re-starting everything, like New Year’s Eve but less fun..
  2. It’s starting to be cold again and as I often say: I’m a cold-blooded being so I need sun to warm up. I litterally can’t warm myself up without an external source (I’m currently wearing a fleece sweater, enormous socks over my tights, I have a hot water bottle on my laps and a hot tea close at hand… and I’m still cold!)

giph cold

Luckily, TV shows season is here to save us from this doomed season!!! So here are the returning (or starting) TV shows I’m excited about.


This is us (season 3)

NBC’s tearful show, we follow the life of the Pearson’s family (happy, tragic, in a word life…). Frankly, I’ve started watching this show because of Milo Ventimiglia (that I LOVED on Gilmore Girls)! Please! Episode 1 litterally starts like that, so I didn’t expect to cry watching this… I was fooled but I’m still watching the show anyway (with a box of tissues near just in case). Love the TVSins video about it (spoilers ahead).
Available in France on Canal+ Série and 6ter


The Good Place (season 3)

In this great NBC sitcom we discover Eleanor Shellstrop’s adventures, Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Gossip girl…), who end up by mistake on the Good Place (Heaven without all the religious stuff) after she dies. I never imagined a show with philosophical principals would make laugh this much. By the way, you need to watch Wisecrack’s amazing video about it.
Available on Netflix France (1 episode/week)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 5)

First on FOX and soon on NBC (who bought the show after it has been canceled last year) this sitcom follows the daily life of a police presinct in Brooklyn after the arrival of a new rigorous captain. With super colorful characters  like detective Jack Peralta played by Andy Samberg (former cast SNL member) and my favorites: Gina Linetti (played by Chelsea Peretti) as a lazy receptionist, and detective Rosa Diaz (played by Stephanie Beatriz) who has the best resting bitch face ever!
Available on Netflix France


Big mouth (season 2)

In this Netflix animation show we see a bunch of junior high schoolers going through puberty. Without any taboo the show focuses on boys and girls discovering their sexuality, from 1st periods, to masturbation, love and frienship. I love Jessi’s Hormone monstress voiced by Maya Rudolph (SNL former cast member) and Kristen Wiig (also another SNL cast member) who gives her voice to Jessi’s vulva when she discovers it in a mirror for the first time
Available on Netflix France


Terrace House (Opening new doors part 4)

Ok so I can’t be objective, I’m CRAZY about this japanese reality show!!! 3 boys and 3 girls who don’t know each other start living together in a beautiful house. They continue living their life: work, university, seeing their friends and family and they can leave the house whenever they want to (they are then replaced by another housemate). I’m usually really not into reality shows but this one is more like a sociological study than a dumb spectacle. Anyway, you need to watch Terrace House (especially the Boys & Girls in the city season with it’s amazing opening song) and come talk to me about it! I NEED to talk about it with everyone, everywhere, at anytime!
Available on Netflix France on October 9


Crazy Ex-girlfriend (season 4)

If you’re looking (or not) for a feminist show which is also a crazy musical, this one is for you! I don’t undersand why it has one of the lowest ratings on CW… but I’m relieved that it wasn’t cancelled yet! Rebecca Bunch, soon to be promoted associate lawyer at her prestigious New York firm, and also deeply deppressed, mets her ex-boyfriend from camp: Josh Chan and decides to drop everything off and follows him in his hometown (West Covina, California!). And it’s a fun and memorable musical. One of my favorite songs (because I’m also super freaked out everytime I plan a party…).
Available on Netflix France on October 13


Chilling adventures of Sabrina

Or how to feel old by remembering the super goofy original series but being super excited about this new darker version at the same time! Like for Riverdale (that I couldn’t watch anymore as it was too annoying…) Netflix  goes on remaking old horror comic books with a more adult twist (well teen/adult anyway). Again, I didn’t like Riverdale but, I can’t wait to discover the new Sabrina played by Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men)!
Available on Netflix France on October 26


What about you? What is your October TV show schedule?


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