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Fiona « bum »garees

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The last dungarees I wore were yellow and I was 10!
I definitely stopped with a bang and I never thought about it since. However the feeble creature that I am was seduced when they were back on trend…
Between, Tilly’s pattern and Closet Case one, overalls came back hard this year and they were everywhere… so I stop fighting and embrace the trend… but with which pattern?

I just subscribed to Make My Lemonade‘s Lemonade pattern corner and I noticed some interesting patterns. So it was the perfect occasion to test their patterns! I chose the Fiona dungarees one, I liked the high waist plus I wanted to try the 70’s flared legs after many years of slim jeans that aren’t super flattering on me.


Oh joy! A PDF pattern AGAIN (well as Lemonade corner’s patterns are only PDF ones I should have seen it coming ^^’) and this one is 55 pages! Plus 9 colored instructions pages (that I rarely print plus Make My Lemonade’s patterns often comes with a video tuto anyway).
This pattern was draft for 1m75 (5″7) women so I’ve shorten the legs as I am 1m70 (5″5). Usually, patterns are designed for 1m651m70 (5″4 to 5″5) women so this modification was a first for me ^^


I was planning on using a dotted dark blue stretch cotton for the final version so I toiled it first on this khaki stretch cotton.

IMG_4866(Pin’s: Pink Coat club and Sewaholic)

Thanks to the video tuto the assembly was super easy ♥  and I finished it rather quickly. The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is the zip on the center back seam. I don’t like it and if like me you screw up the zip color and placement (it was only supposed to be a toile :p) it’s uglier… Plus I sewed my hook and eye too tight, but I’m too lazy to sew it again ^^’ So, next time I’ll sew the zipper on the side seam.

I fell in love when trying the toile and I wore it almost every day of the following week (and regularly since then)! Stretch cotton IS LIFE for pants!!! I wasn’t sure to like this khaki colour (hence using it for this toile) but it suits me really nicely and it’s easy to combine with other colours. Plus, I can wear it with sneakers as well as with heels.


I kept my original dotted dark blue fabric for another pants project that I’ll soon try (what a suspens! I hope it won’t be another failed pair of pants ^^’).

Did you succomb to the dungarees’ sirens too? Or I am the only one ^^’
Bonus: the English vocabulary nerd in me was so happy as I could learn 2 new words to translate the French salopette into:

  • dungarees (UK)
  • overalls (US).


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