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A few months later…

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It’s nice to take some time and start writting blog posts again! I have to admit that working again for the last 6 months didn’t help me to do so… But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t sew, on the contrary!

So yes, on December 14th 2018 (my birthday…) I started a 6 months contract at the Parisian shop Anna Ka Bazaar which is also the Atelier Brunette shop. And despite really cool working hours (starting the day at 11 am is a brilliant idea!), I had a hard time finding time to sew and write blog posts because I was so used to being able to do it for entire days on end.

About my time at the AKB shop (we called it that way with my collegues), there were highs and lows but most importantly, I could appreciate the needs of a lot of customers which will help me developing my future projects (well, it’s been 2 years since I talk about these projects and I can’t take the first step plus I have less and less money with time passing haha!). I will explain them here later I think, when I’ll finally take this (so scary and hard) firt step.

And now that my contrat is over and I’m in holidays (in Norway for a few days) and I’ll try to catch up and write about my latest makes! Beginning with my review of the new Fiat Lux pattern (in my next article)!



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